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Summer Love

Awaken Black Currant Hemlock + Key Honeysuckle Love Premium Candles Soy Beeswax Candles Summer Love Tahiti

The sweet smell of Black Currant and Honeysuckle is a smell that will always remind me of summer. These beautiful plants grew wild around my home, and I always knew the days of summer where on the way when I could step out my back door and be greeted with their sweet scent. Love is the candle that can bring me back to those days in the time it takes to strike a match. 

All of our scents have a personal connection to us at Hemlock + Key. They are inspired by real places and real times in our lives. Find your connection with one of our summer scents such as Love, Awaken, or Tahiti. What scents help put you in the summer time mindset? Leave a message in the comments and look through our catalog and find your summer time Love. 


Until next time,

- Ryan

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